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Giant simple hepatic cyst: a case report and review of relevant literature

M Asuquo, V Nwagbara, C Agbor, F Otobo, A Omotoso


Background: Giant cysts of the liver are uncommon. Symptoms are related primarily to the mass effect of the enlarging cyst.
Objective: To highlight the challenges of management of giant simple hepatic cyst in a resource limited setting.
Case report: Presented is a 58-year-old seamstress with a 5-year history of an enlarging abdominal mass with easy satiety. Surgery revealed an exophytic giant simple hepatic cyst arising from liver segment IV that drained 4.6 litres of serous fluid.
Conclusion: Simple hepatic cyst can attain giant dimensions and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of intra- abdominal masses.

Keywords: Laparotomy, giant hepatic cyst, drainage, wide excision
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