An anatomical and osteometric study of the femoral sulcus angle in adult Malawians

  • Anthony Mwakikunga
  • Kondwani Katundu
  • Boniface Msamati
  • Anthony Gbenga Adefolaju
  • Lynne Schepartz
Keywords: Femur, sulcus angle, patellofemoral joint


Background: Femoral sulcus angle is particularly important in clinical evaluation of patellofemoral joint. Individuals show considerable differences in asymmetrical dimensions of the femur.

Objectives: To determine the size of femoral sulcus angles in adult black Malawians using the skeletal collection in the department of Anatomy, College of Medicine and assess their gender differences; to compare femoral sulcus angles of Malawians with other ethnic groups.

Methods: A cross sectional study was done in which femoral sulcus angles of dry bones were measured using a goniometer.

Results: There is no significant difference in the mean sulcus angles between right and left femora in males (p=0.8100) and females (p=0.0742); between all males combined and females combined (p=0.8845). There is a significant difference in the mean between all left femora combined and all right femora combined (p=0.0260).

Conclusion: This study has provided the mean size of the femoral sulcus angle of adult Malawians. These findings suggest that the size of the sulcus angle cannot determine gender among adult black Malawians suggesting the interpretation that femora asymmetric dimensions are population specific, which should be considered in the patellofemoral joint evaluation.

Keywords: Femur, sulcus angle, patellofemoral joint


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eISSN: 1680-6905