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Role of offending out-door aero-allergen and CD14 C(-159)T polymorphism in development and severity of asthma in a Kolkata patient population

Shampa Dutta, Priti Mondal, Nimai Chandra Saha, Saibal Moitra, Sanjoy Podder, Amlan Ghosh, Goutam Kumar Saha


Objective: Present study involved identification of offending out-door aero-allergens and associated genetic pathway in nasso-bronchial asthma among Kolkata population.
Methods: Skin-prick test was done among 950 asthmatic patients against 11 common aero-allergens and total serum IgE concentration was measured. PCR-RFLP was done in patients and non-asthmatic control (n=220 in each) to characterize functional polymorphism, C(-159)T, of CD14, a positional candidate gene for allergy. Association of genetic polymorphisms was made with clinico-pathological conditions.
Results: We identified Cocos nucifera as the most common aero-allergen sensitizer among atopic patients in Kolkata. Patients with childhood-onset asthma were significantly more sensitive towards aero-allergens and had significantly higher serum IgE level than those of adult-onset (p< 0.0001). No significant difference was found in distribution of SNP genotypes of CD14 among case and control (p=0.178). However among patients, frequency of C allele is significantly higher in childhood-onset group than
that of adult-onset and concordantly in former CC genotype was associated with significant higher level of serum IgE than CT and TT.
Conclusion: In Kolkata, pollen is a common out-door aero-allergen and Cocos nucifera is predominant among pollens. Childhood- onset and adult-onset of asthma showed significant difference in allergen sensitivity as well as genetic background with respect to CD14 polymorphism.

Keywords: Asthma, aero-allergen, skin prick test, total IgE, CD14 gene polymorphism
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