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Complementary and alternative treatment methods for menopausal hot flashes used in Turkey

Handan Ozcan
Pınar Çolak
Berna Oturgan
Esra Gülsever


Objective: Study was planned to determine complementary and alternative treatment methods for menopausal hot flashes.
Methods: Women who reported their discomfort of hot flashes as a degree of discomfort of 4 or more according to the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) were included in the study (n:356). In data collection, Questionnaire Form and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Approaches Scale were used.
Results: The average age of the women was 56.65±6.05 and the average age of menopause was 46.39±5.25. According to VAS, the average severity of hot flashes was 7.85±1.83.
Women with obesity and any chronic disease were more likely to have hot flashes. It was determined that 73.6% of women in the menopausal period were using Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). It was determined that women were using herbal supplements, dietary supplements, mind-body practices and religious practices against the discomfort of hot flashes. 72% of women using CAM stated that the method used was effective.
Conclusion: Women who use CAM usually use it with information that is out of the knowledge of health profession and lack of information. It is recommended to carry out extensive studies for CAM methods and the mechanisms of action that women use.

Keywords: Menopause, hot flashes, complementary and alternative medicine.