Falls and potential therapeutic interventions among elderly and older adult patients with cancer: a systematic review

  • Walid Kamal Abdelbasset
  • Gopal Nambi
  • Shereen H Elsayed
  • Ahmad M Osailan
  • Marwa M Eid
Keywords: Cancer; falls; elderly; older adults, risk factors, intervention.


Objectives: The aim of this study was to perform a systematic review for previous publications that have assessed the incidence, risk factors, and favorable procedures to prevent and manage falls among cancer survivors of elderly and older adults.

Materials: This systematic review was undertook using PubMed, SCOPUS, Web of Science, Medline, and Cochrane Database of clinical studies and systematic reviews to determine the incidence, risk factors, favorable inpatient and outpatient management, and non-pharmacological interventions for falls among elderly and older adult patients with cancer from 2010 to October, 2020.

Results: After the comprehensive screening, clinical studies, meta-analysis, systematic reviews, and established guidelines were included in this review. Only 5 clinical studies (3 randomized and 2 single-arm studies), 5 systematic reviews, and 6 established guidelines were considered eligible. The five systematic reviews provide risk factors of falls and the 6 guidelines provide assessment & prevention modalities of falls, however, the 6 clinical studies provide the non-pharmacological intervention for falling among cancer survivors. Many factors associated are demonstrated among wide range of elderly individuals.
Earlier falls were reliably listed as an important risk factor of falls in the two inpatient and outpatient environments including both general older people and geriatric cancer populations.

Conclusions: This review concludes that the assessment of falls among older individuals with cancer is the most important way for determining who could need additional observation and treatment program. Health professions involving physical therapy and occupational therapy have an important function for promoting health well-being in elderly and older adults with cancer.

Keywords: Cancer; falls; elderly; older adults, risk factors, intervention.


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eISSN: 1680-6905