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Relationship between climate conditions and nosocomial infection rates

Y Chen, X Xu, J Liang, H Lin


Background: Nosocomial infections constitute a global health problem.
Objective: To explore the relationship between nosocomial infection rates (NIRs) and climatic factors including temperature and relative humidity in Guangzhou area of China.
Methods: 30892 patients in our hospital in 2009 were investigated for  nosocomial infection status, and the contemporaneous temperature and relative humidity were analyzed statistically. NIRs increased with relative humidity and temperature in central ICU and geriatric department.
Results: No statistical differences were found between each quarter of  2009 in the distribution of nosocomial infection sites. There were no statistical differences in the pathogenic species of nosocomial infections between high-temperature and low-temperature months in different departments. NIRs had a correlation with temperature and relative  humidity in geriatric department and central ICU.
Conclusion: To decrease NIRs and improve health care quality, it is  necessary to strengthen the control of temperature and humidity especially for geriatric department and central ICU.

Keywords: climate conditions, temperature, relative humidity, nosocomial infection
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