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Towards the Dual Mandate of Ecotourism in Africa: Comparative Evidence from Ghana

G Eshun


This article compares the impacts of ecotourism based on a study of Kakum National Park and  Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary in Ghana. The study employed a mixed-method approach, which involved 200 semi-structured interviews with randomly selected residents from the study communities. Furthermore, the study selected some residents purposively for in-depth interviews and focus group discussions. The quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistics, and the qualitative data were analysed thematically. The study provides strong evidence that ecotourism is a formidable tool for biodiversity conservation in Ghana. However, as regards community development, ecotourism’s  contribution remains largely ineffective. Thus, there is a need for a proactive stakeholder analysis that  focuses on community participation, ecotourism market knowledge and entrepreneurial programmes for the residents around eco-destinations in Ghana that support sustainable development.

Keywords: Community-based ecotourism, state-led ecotourism, Kakum National Park, Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, Ghana

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