Introducing RICAAF as a New Model for Managing the Proliferation of Actors in Africa’s Peace Operation

  • Francis Onditi


This paper presents a mechanism for fostering decision-making symmetry in actor-prolific peace support operations (PSOs)  environments in Africa. Experience and research on the subject of actors’ cooperation or lack of it in peace operations indicate  ambiguity and lack of functional guidelines. In what seems to be a deliberate move, the military are often ‘blind’ to other actors operating in the area, and their cooperation is frequently supplybased rather than demand-driven. The multi-actor approach to deployment in PSO does not always correspond directly with the doctrine of each group. Additionally, there is no direct correlation between the military and civilian approaches: rules and procedures are interpreted differently. This leads to disunity of purpose in the field, increasing resentment between groups and prolonged conflict. It is from the analysis of this combination of the structure of actors and the organisational challenges of the African PSO formations that lessons aimed at enhancing response to conflict converge into what I coin as the Rim-Centre Actors Analytic Framework (RICAAF). I conclude that this alternative model (RICAAF) should be given serious consideration by the institutions mandated with the responsibility of ensuring continental peace and  security (African Union and the regional economic communities), in pursuit of the call for ‘African solutions to African problems.’


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1995-641X
print ISSN: 0256-2804