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Public Policy-Making in Contemporary Ethiopia

M Abebe, F Cloete


This article draws attention to the perennial
problems and salient features of public
policy-making in contemporary Ethiopia,
namely, the imbalance between policy-making
institutions and policy benefi ciaries, and
how these have infl uenced policy formulation
and implementation from 1991 to 2004.
Drawing from interviews and questionnaire
responses, data and/or information generated
through a range of sources, it argues that
policy elites in Ethiopia played a somewhat
exclusive role in identifying policy issues for
agenda setting, defi ning policy changes and
managing their implementation as well as
pursuits. Particularly, the article examines the
emergence and ascendance of the governing
party and top echelon of the executive, and
the disproportionate infl uence they have
held on government, non-governmental
institutions and overall public policy-making.

African Insight Vol. 36 (3&4) 2006: pp. 141-159
AJOL African Journals Online