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Of International Actors, Nodal Governance and the African Peer Review Mechanism

Z Kebonang


Based on the recent political unrest in Kenya, I argue that one way in which the
African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) can improve governance in Africa and indeed
see through the implementation of its review recommendations is to form networks with
other international actors. These networks will be constituted by actors with suffi cient
coercive power to bring up compliance. As currently constituted the APRM has no
leverage that it can exert against African countries, be it political or economic, to
bring about compliance. The answers to this weakness are forming networks with
other organizations and states that have suffi cient negotiating, bargaining and
ultimately coercive weight against African countries. To be effective these networks
must operate and be organized in a coordinated fashion rather than an ad hoc one. The nodal pyramid suggested in this article is one way in which this coordination or organization can be achieved.

Africa Insight Vol. 37 (4) 2008 pp. 98-107
AJOL African Journals Online