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Percutaneous laparoscopic trocar drainage of hepatic abscess in a sickle cell disease patient – A case report

OO Afuwape
INC Chibuzo
OO Ayandipo
NA Nwafulume


Hepatic abscess as a manifestation of sickle cell disease is rare. A 25 year old Nigerian male with sickle cell disease presented with right sided upper abdominal pain, fever, massive hepatomegaly, neutrophilic leucocytosis and mildly deranged liver enzymes. Sonographic findings were a large thin walled right hepatic lobe abscess; with an estimated volume of 2000ml. He had percutaneous laparoscopic trocar drainage of 2250mls of pus with insertion of a drain. The drain was removed after ten days and the patient was discharged home.

Keywords: Hepatic abscess, Trocar drainage, Sickle cell disease