Psychosocial Aspect of Anterior Tooth Discoloration among Adolescents in Igbo-Ora, Southwestern Nigeria

  • O Ibiyemi
  • JO Taiwo
Keywords: Psychosocial, Anterior tooth discolouration, Adolescents


Background: Aesthetic problems in adolescence can have a significant effect on their psychosocial development. Abnormalities in tooth color can lead to such problem especially if it affects anterior teeth.
Objective: This study therefore assessed the effects of anterior tooth discoloration on the psychosocial well being of adolescents with a view to providing information that will aid the prevention and treatment of this dental problem.
Materials and methods: This study was a cross-sectional study involving 384 adolescents aged between 10 and 20years in Igboora southwestern Nigeria. Twenty-six item semi-structured questionnaire comprising variables on demographics and psychosocial effects were researcher-administered. Oral examination of the labial surfaces of the anterior permanent teeth was carried by two examiners. Frequencies and mean were generated. Chi-square and Fischer’s exact tests were used to test associations between categorical variables at (P<0.05).
Results: The mean age of participants was 14.7±2.3 years. Ninety four (24.5%) participants perceived that their anterior teeth were discolored, 65 (69.1%) of these did not like the discoloration. Sixty two (65.9%), 47 (50.0%) and 38 (40.4%) respectively reported that it prevented them from freely answering questions, smiling and interacting. After oral examination, 120 (31.2%) subjects had one form of anterior tooth discoloration. The cause of tooth discoloration in the majority 64 (16.7%) of the participants was due to extrinsic stains from compounds incorporated into plaque and calculus. Age group, sex, class of participants and presence of tetracycline stained teeth were significantly related with reported psychosocial problems
Conclusion: About one third of adolescents had anterior tooth discoloration and the majority reported one form of psychosocial problem.

Keywords: Psychosocial, Anterior tooth discolouration, Adolescents


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