Odontogenic tumours in Children and Adilescents: A Review od Forty-Eight Cases

  • AO Lawal
  • AO Adisa
  • BO Popoola
Keywords: Adolescents, Children, Odontogenic tumours


Objectives: Odontogenic tumours comprise a large heterogeneous group of lesions originating from odontogenic epithelium and/or ectomesenchyme and its vestiges. The aim of this study was to analyze odontogenic tumours in children and adolescents seen at a tertiary institution in South Western Nigeria and compare with results from previous studies.
Material and Methods: Archival records of the Department of Oral Pathology, University College Hospital Ibadan were reviewed. All histologically diagnosed odontogenic tumours in patients 19 years and below spanning a period of 21 years (1990-2011) were retrieved. Data regarding age, gender, and tumor topography were analyzed using SPSS for Window (version 18.0; SPSS Inc. Chicago, IL)
Results: One hundred and forty seven jaw swellings were seen in children and adolescents aged 19 or less during the study period, out of which 48 (32.7%) were odontogenic tumours. More cases were seen in males than females with a male: female ratio of 7:5. The mandible was the commonest site of occurrence with mandible: maxilla ratio of 11:4. Ameloblastoma was the commonest odontogenic tumours with 14 (29.1%) solid ameloblastoma and 9 (18.8%) cystic ameloblastoma cases followed by fibromyxoma with 8 (16.7%) cases. calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumour , calcifying cystic odontogenic tumour and odontogenic fibroma were occasionally seen.
Conclusion: This study showed that ameloblastoma was the most common odontogenic tumour in children and no case of odontoma was seen. Odontogenic tumours in children and adolescents may not be as rare as previously reported by some authors and inclusion of keratocystic odontogenic tumour in this study slightly affected the relative incidence of odontogenic tumors in children and adolescents.

Keywords: Adolescents, Children, Odontogenic tumours


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