Short communication: Gender related patterns in the shape and dimensions of the foramen magnum in an adult Kenyan population

  • P Loyal
  • K Ongeti
  • A Pulei
  • P Mandela
  • J Ogeng’o
Keywords: Foramen magnum, variations


Foramen magnum is a useful landmark in the base of the skull. Its shape and dimensions show ethnic and gender differences. This data is useful in forensic medicine and anthropology but are unknown among Kenyans. Two hundred and two dry adult skulls from the Osteology Department at the National Museums of Kenya, were studied. The shape of the foramen magnum was oval, circular and polygonal in 13%, 24% and 63% of the cases respectively. The foramen magnum does not show sexual dimorphism in shape among Africans. The shape of foramen magnum cannot be used in solitude to ascertain the gender of skulls.

Keywords: Foramen magnum, variations


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eISSN: 2305-9478
print ISSN: 2226-6054