Branching patterns of left coronary artery among North Indians

  • G Agnihotri
  • M Kaur
  • GS Kalyan
Keywords: Left coronary artery, variability, branching patterns


The left coronary artery displays variations in pattern, number and distribution of its branches. These variations influence the manifestation and extent of the coronary artery disease affecting the left main branch. A total of 100 North Indian cadaveric hearts were dissected to observe the main trunk of the left coronary artery. The main trunk of left coronary artery bifurcated, trifurcated and quadrificated in 66%, 30% and 4% of cases respectively. The high degree of variability of left coronary artery and its branching patterns have anatomical, pathophysiological diagnostic and therapeutic implications. Adequate knowledge of these variations with regard to source, and incidence is important for the interpretation of coronary angiography, stenting procedures and surgical myocardial revascularization.

Keywords: Left coronary artery, variability, branching patterns.


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eISSN: 2305-9478
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