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The histochemical and biochemical effects of coconutmilk in Wistar rats with ethanol-induced gastric ulcer

Omojola A. Tolulope, Ofusori A. David, Edward S. Sylvester, Umeaku Ugochukwu


This study aimed at investigating the histochemical and biochemical effects of coconut milk in Wistar rats’ model of ethanol-induced gastric ulcer with a view to evaluating the antiulcerogenic potential of coconut milk in the management of gastric ulcer. Thirty male Wistar rats weighing between 150-180g were recruited for the study and divided into six groups of 5 rats each. All the groups were fasted for 24-hours after which group-1 received single oral administration of normal saline at 5ml/kg, while groups 2-6 received equivalent amount of ethanol. Twenty-four hours later, Groups-3, 4, 5 received oral graded doses of coconut milk at 30, 50, 70 mg/kg respectively while group 6 received omeprazole administration at 10 mg/kg every 12-hours for a period of 21 days. The ulcer index as well as Prostalglandin-E2 and Nitric Oxide concentrations was significantly (p < 0.05) lowered following treatment with omeprazole and coconut milk, when compared with the ethanol group. Coconut milk administration also attenuated the ethanol-induced histochemical distortions of the gastric pylorus. This study concluded that  coconut milk administration ameliorated ethanol-induced gastric ulcer and serves as a potential choice in the treatment of the condition.

Keywords: Gastric ulcer, Ethanol, Coconut Milk, Omeprazole, Histochemical, Biochemical

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