Evaluation of histology and semen parameters in testes of Yaji-treated albino rats

  • M.O. Agbaje
  • I.E. Okoko
  • F.I.O. Duru
Keywords: Gonadosomatic Index, Infertility, Suya Sauce, Sperm Count, Testes, Yaji


Yaji, also called suya sauce, is a local meat sauce made from complex spices. Some of the effects of its constituents on the liver and brain have been scientifically proven and documented. However, their separate and combined effects on the testes are yet to be fully evaluated. This study aimed at evaluating histological and semen parameters of testes of albino rats treated with Yaji. Thirty adult albino rats were procured and divided into six groups labeled A-F. Group A (control) received feed and water only. Group B (main test group) received aqueous extract of Yaji at 200mg/kg body weight, using oral gavage. Groups C-F received 200mg/kg body weights of some Yaji constituents - clove, black pepper, groundnut cake and bouillon cubes (100mg/kg body weight) respectively. The experimental period was 56 days. The rats’ weights were measured at procurement, weekly, and at end of experiment. Testes weights were also measured and subsequently, gonadosomatic indices of the rats were deduced. Chronic consumption of Yaji was not associated with histological impairment to the testicular architecture. Rather, there was improvement of semen parameters (increased sperm count, motility and percentage normal morphology). However, there was a significant (p<0.05) decrease in body weights and non-significant (p>0.05) increase in gonadosomatic index. Findings from this study suggests that consumption of Yaji has no deleterious effects on the testes within the period of study, considering histological and semen parameters. Further studies may reveal its use in managing obesity and infertility.

Keywords: Gonadosomatic Index, Infertility, Suya Sauce, Sperm Count, Testes, Yaji


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eISSN: 2305-9478
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