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Gender perspectives in care provision and care receipt among older people infected and affected by HIV in Uganda

Joseph O Mugisha
E Schatz
J Seeley
P Kowal


The objective of this study was to examine gender roles in the provision and receipt of care among older Ugandans. Survey data on care work were collected in 2009–2010 from 510 older people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, at one rural and one  semi-urban site. The questionnaire was adapted from the WHO Study on global AGEing and adult health survey. The type of care work done by older men and women for children in their households differs, yet, both men and women are taking on various types of care work. Women were more likely to report taking part in health/personal and physical care, whereas men were more likely to report providing financial assistance. Some older people, particularly women, were providing care at the same time as needing care. The finding on reciprocity of care suggests the need for further studies focused on how the reciprocity of care may affect health and well-being in older age.

Keywords: ageing, care work, health, HIV/AIDS