Bioaccumulation of selected metals in the gill, liver and muscle tissue of rednose labeo Labeo rosae from two impoundments on the Olifants River, Limpopo river system, South Africa

  • S.M. Marr
  • J Lebepe
  • J.C.A. Steyl
  • W.J. Smit
  • W.J. Luus-Powell
Keywords: Flag Boshielo Dam, Loskop Dam, metal pollution


Metal concentrations in the gill, muscle and liver tissues of Labeo rosae from two impoundments, Loskop and Flag Boshielo dams on the Olifants River, were evaluated in 2011 to detect patterns in metal associations between tissues and impoundments. Elevated concentrations of Ba, Zn, B, Al, Si and Fe, relative to a pristine site in the catchment, were found in the muscle, liver and gill tissues at both impoundments. Molybdenum concentrations were exceptionally high in all tissues at Loskop Dam and in liver at Flag Boshielo Dam. No definite pattern in the ratio metal concentrations within, or between, fish tissues was identified. The expected trend, liver > gills > muscle, was found at both impoundments, but was less prominent at Loskop Dam. Metal concentrations in muscle of Loskop Dam fish were significantly higher than in those at Flag Boshielo Dam. The inverse was true for liver. The long-term impact of elevated metal concentrations on fish health at both impoundments raises concern.

Keywords: Flag Boshielo Dam, Loskop Dam, metal pollution


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eISSN: 1727-9364
print ISSN: 1608-5914