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Distribution, abundance and diversity of macrozoobenthos in Aiba Reservoir, Iwo, Nigeria

OE Atobatele, OA Ugwumba


Spatial and seasonal variation in macrozoobenthic composition, abundance and diversity in Aiba Reservoir were investigated bimonthy between June 2004 and April 2005 using a van Veen grab. A depauperate fauna of nine taxa was recorded. Generally, larger numbers of taxa were recorded during the dry season than in the wet season. Melanoides tuberculata and chironomid larvae dominated the macrozoobenthos and showed wide spatial distribution. Diversity and evenness were lower during the wet season than in the dry season, when densities of the major species were low. Melanoides tuberculata and chironomid larvae were recorded from maximum depths of 3.9 m and 2.6 m, respectively. Both taxa were also recorded from all substrate texture types, regardless of the amount of macrophyte material present. The benthic fauna is characterised as being poor in terms of density, taxonomic richness and diversity.

Keywords: Chironomus sp., Melanoides tuberculata, spatio-temporal variation, substrate

African Journal of Aquatic Science 2010, 35(3): 291–297
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