African Journal of Aquatic Science

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Patterns of microbial activity in the shallow bottom sediments of Lake Manzala, Egypt

M Bahgat, FM El Fawal, F Al-Misned, HA El-Serehy, S Shaheen


General microbial activity, determined by hydrolysis of fluoresceine diacetate (FDA), was investigated in two sediment cores collected from Manzala Lake during November 2011. FDA hydrolysis positively correlated with total bacterial counts, bacterial biomass and chlorophyll a in both cores. The 10–20 cm subsurface layer in both cores had higher bacterial counts (2.03 x 106 and 1.6 x 106 cells g–1) and a higher Vmax (kinetic parameter of esterase activity; 177.8 and 117.8 μmol g–1 h–1), respectively, than the top 0–10 cm. In both cores the upper 40 cm had not received any Nilotic sediments, which may account for the atypical vertical profiles observed.

Keywords: bacteria, chlorophyll a, enzyme activity, pheophytin

African Journal of Aquatic Science 2013, 38(3): 323–329
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