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Roasted maggots (Dipteran larvae) as a dietary protein source for laboratory animals

R F Ogunleye
J B Edward


The possibility of using the dipteran larvae (maggots) as protein substitute in the feeding of Albino rats was investigated. Two sets of rats were used. One set were fed with the convectional feed (set G,) with Clarias fish as its protein portion while the other set (M) were fed with same diet with maggots from poultry wastes as its protein portion. The feeding was done for five weeks before the experiment was terminated. Weekly assessment of weights (in g) and lengths (in cm) was done. The result of the proximate analysis shows a well comparable level of protein in the experimental diet (29.3%) and the control (27.4%). All the minerals contained in the experimental diet are higher in quantity than that of the control. Weight gain in rats fed with experimental diet rises more sharply than that of the control. There was however no significant difference between the lengths of the two sets of rats within the five weeks of the experiment.

Keywords: Albino rats, growth rate, maggots.

AJAZEB Vol. 7 2005: pp. 140-143

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eISSN: 1119-023X