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Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity of peptide from sea cucumber using enzyme complex isolated from the digestive tract of sea cucumber

SK Pan, DR Yao, MQ Zhou, SJ Wu


enzyme complex, sea cucumber protein hydrolysis was carried out to obtain hydrolysates that have hydroxyl-radical-scavenging activity (HRSA). The hydrolytic process was monitored by HRSA and conditions for this process were optimized as follows: pH 6.5, temperature 35°C, 12 mg enzyme complex in a reaction solution (500 ml) containing 5 g sea cucumber (dry matter), and reaction time of 3 h. The protein hydrolysates (PHs) were fractionated into four ranges on the basis of molecular weight (PH1 MW: >10 kDa; PH2: 10 to >5 kDa; PH3: 5 to 1 kDa; and PH4: <1 kDa) using an ultrafiltration membrane bioreactor system. Results indicate that PHs in the PH3 induced the highest HRSA.

Key words: Sea cucumber, enzyme complex, hydrolysis, hydroxyl-radical-scavenging activity.

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