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Effects of heat treatment on density, dimensional stability and color of Pinus nigra wood

B Guller


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of heat treatment on some physical properties and color change of Pinus nigra wood which has high industrial use potential and large growing stocks in Turkey. Wood samples which comprised the material of the study were obtained from an industrial plant. Samples were subjected to heat treatment process of varying temperatures (190, 200, 212 and 225°C) and durations (60, 120 and 180 min). After these processes, density and swelling of the wood samples were tested in comparison with untreated ones. The results show that density decreased (2.57 to 12.6%) as treatment temperature and duration increased. Dimensional stability was improved (up to 66%) with the extent of the circumstances mainly depending on treatment temperature. Color became uniformly darker with increasing temperature and durations. Temperature had clearly greater influence on investigated properties than duration.

Key words: Pinus nigra, heat treatment, temperature, color change.
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