The content of mineral elements on whole blood and hair in Moschus sifanicus

  • H Lu
  • YD Huang
  • BY Zhao
  • JY Wang
Keywords: Moschus sifanicus, blood and hair, mineral elements.


The mineral content of forage, whole blood and hair samples of Moschus sifanicus were analyzed and compared with those of local goats. The results indicated that the selenium content of 10 kinds of foliage was lower than the nutrient standards set for herbivores by the National Research Council. The Cu, Mn, Zn, Ca and Mg content of hair was significantly higher than those in whole blood; however, Fe content was the reverse. All elements had concentration distribution, and the variation of mineral content in whole blood and hair of M. sifanicus was small.

Key words: Moschus sifanicus, blood and hair, mineral elements.


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eISSN: 1684-5315