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Microsatellite markers associated with body and carcass weights in broiler breeders

FS Nassar
REA Moghaieb
AM Abdou
FKE Stino


Microsatellite markers are presently used in selection to facilitate the genetic improvement of growth and carcass traits in chickens. The genetic improvement of six weeks live body and carcass weights of Cairo B-2 line, after six generation of selection, was compared with the control line (C line). Cairo B-2 line had higher body weight, breast meat, and carcass parts than the C line. Seven microsatellites, associated with body and carcass weights, were efficiently used to study the effect of selection on the microsatellite marker frequencies of Cairo B-2 line. The allelic number of the microsatellite markers ADL0328, MCW0097, and ROS0025 associated with live body, breast, carcass, and wings weights increased in the Cairo B-2 line than the C line. The association between these important economic characteristics and microsatellite loci will facilitate the selection process by applying marker assisted selection in future breeding programs.

Key words: Marker assisted selection, microsatellite, carcass, and breast meat

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eISSN: 1684-5315