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Comparison of callus induction and plant regenerationfrom twenty tall fescue varieties

KW Lee
GJ Choi
KY Kim
HS Park
S Seo
MJ Kim
SH Lee


Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) is an important grass species both as turf and forage. In this study, 20 varieties of tall fescue were used to investigate the effects of genetic variations in tissue culture response. Plant genotype had a significant effect both on callus formation and plant regeneration in tall fescue. The forage type tall fescue varieties readily formed callus than turf type tall fescue varieties. Of all the forage varieties studied, Jesup, Greenmaster, Kentucky-31 and Fawn not only formed callus at a higher frequency but also had a high regeneration when compared with other varieties. These results can be used not only to provide additional improvements in the plant regeneration frequency from transgenic callus, but also useful for molecular breeding of tall fescue through genetic transformation.

Key words: Tall fescue, callus, plant regeneration, genotype.