Effects of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) on respiration control of state 3/4 in mitochondria from bovine heart

  • Y Su
  • Y Cheng
  • D Wang
  • F Zhang
  • Y Su
  • Z Li
Keywords: Respiration, hydrogen sulfide, mitochondria, bovine heart.


Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) could availably regulate electron transport in the inner membrane of mitochondria from bovine heart when succinate as substrate and rotenone as complex I inhibitor at 37°C were used. H2S increased to a certain extent the respiratory rate of state 4. It also increased first and then decreased the respiratory rate of state 3, respiratory control ratio and ADP/O ratio. In addition, it quicken first and then delayed recovery time from state 3 to state 4. The effects of H2S as aforementioned in normoxic condition were more obvious than those in hypoxic condition. Experimental results indicated that more than 10 µM H2S brought about uncoupling of mitochondrial electron transport and the opening of mitochondrial KATP channel located in complex III-IV, and less than 10 µM H2S unexpectedly facilitated this course, which might be via sulfide-quinone oxidoreductase. The finding that H2S was closely related with sulfide-quinone oxidoreductase, however, requires in depth investigation.

Key words: Respiration, hydrogen sulfide, mitochondria, bovine heart.


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eISSN: 1684-5315