A regulatory network for human adenocarcinoma

  • X Meng
  • P Lu
  • Y Zhang
  • H Lin
  • P Xiao
  • H Bai
  • Q Fan
Keywords: Adenocarcinoma, transcription factors, transcriptome


Human adenocarcinoma (AC) is the most frequently diagnosed human lung cancer and its absolute incidence is increasing dramatically. Our study aimed to interpret the mechanisms of human adenocarcinoma through the  regulation network based on differentially expressed genes (DEGs). We used the GSE2514 microarray data to identify human adenocarcinoma differentially expressed genes. Based on these genes and collected regulation datasets, 129 relationships between transcription factor and their target genes were established in AC. Finally, we find some new candidates and relationships, such as IL6 and NFKB1 owning a close connection with AC. Based on a relatively small number of patients, the results will need to be repeated and confirmed in future studies.

Key words: Adenocarcinoma, transcription factors, transcriptome.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315