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Sequence variation in TgROP7 gene among Toxoplasma gondii isolates from different hosts and geographical regions

Y Zhou, P Lu, MJ Xu, D Ren, DH Zhou, HX Li, RQ Lin, FC Zou, ZG Yuan


Toxoplasma gondii can infect a wide range of hosts including mammals and birds, causing toxoplasmosis which is one of the most common parasitic zoonoses worldwide. The present study examined sequence variation in rhoptry 7 (ROP7) gene among different T. gondii isolates from different hosts and geographical localities. Phylogenetic analysis of the examined T. gondii isolates was conducted using the maximum likelihood (ML) method. Sequence analysis revealed that 60 nucleotide positions were variable in the ROP7 gene sequences among the 19 examined T. gondii isolates, corresponding to sequence variations of 0 to 1.7%, which occurred at the first, second and third codons. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that sequence variation in ROP7 gene was low among the examined T. gondii isolates from different hosts and geographical localities, and that the ROP7 sequence was not suitable as genetic marker for the differentiation of T. gondii isolates. The results of the present study suggest that ROP7 gene may be a suitable vaccine candidate.

Key words: Sequence variation, rhoptry 7 (ROP7) gene, Toxoplasma gondii, toxoplasmosis, phylogenetic analysis.

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