Regeneration of Algerian germplasm by stigma/style somatic embryogenesis

  • M Meziane
  • M Boudjeniba
  • D Frasheri
  • AM D’Onghia
  • A Carra
  • F Carimi
  • N Haddad
  • S Boukhalfa
  • S Braneci
Keywords: Algeria, citrus germplasm, plant regeneration, sanitation, somatic embryogenesis.


Stigma/style somatic embryogenesis is one of the efficient methods in plant regeneration of most Citrus ssp., without inducing somaclonal variations. Furthermore, somatic embryogenesis from style/stigma proved to be effective in the elimination of the main citrus virus and virus-like diseases. This technique was applied on Algerian citrus collection. Different Citrus species [Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck, C. limon (L.) Burm, C. reticulata Blanco, C. paradisi Macfad, C. reshni Hort. ex Tan., C. jambhiri Lush and C. maxima (Burm.) Merrill] were chosen and tested for the presence of the main virus and virus-like agents. Most of the genotypes showed to be infected, mainly by viroid agents. Closed flowers were collected and in vitro cultured on a Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with 6- benzylaminopurine. All explants produced callus about 4 to 9 days after culture initiation, whereas embryogenesis occurred after 38 to 150 days in most of the cultured genotypes. Formed embryos were cultured in a single tube before in vivo acclimatization. After sanitary assays, regenerated plants were shown to be free from the agents detected in the mother trees.

Key words: Algeria, citrus germplasm, plant regeneration, sanitation, somatic embryogenesis.


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eISSN: 1684-5315