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Study on the triphenyl tetrazolium chloride– dehydrogenase activity (TTC-DHA) method in determination of bioactivity for treating tomato paste wastewater

S Sun, Z Guo, R Yang, Z Sheng, P Cao


A quick analysis of the sludge activity method based on triphenyltetrazolium chloride-dehydrogenase activity (TTC-DHA) was developed to change the rule and status of the biological activity of the activated sludge in tomato paste wastewater treatment. The results indicate that dehydrogenase activity (DHA) can effectively facilitate the biochemical reaction of tomato paste wastewater treatment upon analysis of the influences of various DHA and kinetic factors. The biological activity of the activated sludge by TTC-DHA was changed to become applicable to aeration and wastewater treatment operation and management.

Key words: Tomato paste wastewater, TTC-DHA, bioactivity, active sludge.
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