Effects of submerged and anaerobic fermentations on cassava flour (Lafun)

  • AM Ogunnaike
  • PA Adepoju
  • AO Longe
  • GN Elemo
  • OV Oke
Keywords: Cassava fermentation, physicochemical, functional, pasting properties.


Cassava tubers for processing into cassava flour, Lafun a Nigerian locally fermented product was subjected to two different types of fermentations: submerged and anaerobic fermentation for 72 h. Physicochemical changes that occurred during fermentation and their influence on the functional, rheological and sensory properties of the resulting flour were investigated. There was no significant difference in rate of decrease of pH and hydrocyanide under both fermentation conditions but titratable acidity differed significantly (p<0.05). Crude fibre, crude protein, ash, swelling index and final viscosity were significantly higher (p<0.05) in flour from submerged fermentation. Lafun from submerged fermentation had greater sensory quality and higher consumer preference than that of anaerobic fermentation.


Key words: Cassava fermentation, physicochemical, functional, pasting properties.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315