African Journal of Biotechnology

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Nanosilver: Potent antimicrobial agent and its biosynthesis

Vikas Sarsar, Krishan K Selwal, Manjit K Selwal


Silver ions and its salts are well known for their potent antimicrobial agent. These days, the nanosilver are widely used in a growing number of applications ranging from home disinfectants and medical devices to water purifier due to properties of silver at the nano level. Nanosilver has a large ratio of surface which dramatically increases the potential for silver ions to be accessed anywhere in body where larger silver particles cannot. The synthesis of silver nanoparticles has been reported using chemical and physical methods. This review describes a cost effective and ecofriendly approach for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles. Thus, in this review we focus on the role of microorganisms and plants in the synthesis of nanosilver and their potent application as antimicrobial agent.

Keywords: Nanosilver, antimicrobial, disinfectant, nanoparticles

African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 13(4), pp. 546-554, 22 January, 2014
AJOL African Journals Online