Evaluating codon bias perspective in barbiturase gene using multivariate analysis

  • Zarrin Basharat


Barbiturases exist solely in bacteria and encompass an undistinguished protein family. s-Triazine compound introduction into the environment owing to recent industrial practices have revitalized barbiturases. Codon usage patterns were analysed in this study for 17 barbiturase genes encoded by 16 bacterial species. Multivariate and correspondence study of amino acid and codon usage was employed for detecting the cause of variation in the gene content. GC3 of synonymously variable codons, RSCU, NC and CAI were estimated with statistical softwares. Examination of DNA composition along with codon usage was done to reveal dynamics of gene evolution and expression of this enzyme.

Keywords: Codon usage, barbiturase gene, multivariate statistical analysis

African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 13(2), pp. 194-201, 8 January, 2014

Author Biography

Zarrin Basharat
Fatima Jinnah Women University, 46000, Pakistan

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eISSN: 1684-5315