A review on marine based nanoparticles and their potential applications

  • CR Singh
  • K Kathiresan
  • S Anandhan
Keywords: Nanomaterial, marine animals, mangroves, marine microbes


The increasing demands on nanoparticles have wide pertinent in almost all the fields. Marine ecosystem has variety of living resources, which includes prokaryotes like microorganism to eukaryotic organism like higher plants and animals. The present review dealt with the application of marine organisms in nanotechnology. Our discussion mainly focused on what the marine organisms are involved in and what type of nanoparticles is synthesized, including size and, medical and medicinal applications. Based on our observation through this review, it will be a good reference document for the further research on marine ecosystem to develop drug from sea.

 Keywords: Nanomaterial, marine animals, mangroves, marine microbes


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315