Dihydrotestostenone increase the gene expression of androgen receptor coregulator FHL2 in human nontransformed epithelial prostatic cells

  • A Pozzobon
  • DB Pianta
  • MFM Ribeiro
  • IS Brum
Keywords: Androgens, FHL-2, AR, prostate, proliferation, coregulators.


The actions of androgens are mediated through an androgen receptor (AR), and AR activity is modulated by coregulators. The aim of this study was to assess the action of androgens in the expression of AR and the coregulators FHL-2 and SHP-1 in human non-transformed epithelial prostatic cells (HNTEP) treated with androgens. Prostate tissues were obtained from 12 patients between 60 and 77 years of age. HNTEP cells were grown in basal medium and treated with DHT in different conditions. HNTEP cells under treatment with DHT (10-13 M) induced an increase in FHL-2 expression. In turn, high DHT concentrations (10-8 M) induced an increase in the expression SHP-1. The present data suggest that the SHP-1 and FHL-2 genes play a role in the control of responsiveness and androgen-dose-dependent cell proliferation in HNTEP cells. Further studies are needed to assess the influence of androgens in AR and its coregulators and the implications in the pathophysiology of prostate diseases.

Key words: Androgens, FHL-2, AR, prostate, proliferation, coregulators.


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eISSN: 1684-5315