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Characterization of effective bio-control agent Bacillus sp. SRB 27 with high salt tolerance and thermostability isolated from forest soil sample

S Shanker, P Pindi, G Shankar


Rhizoctonia solani and Alternaria solani was obtained from forest soil sample by carrying out in vitro and in vivo screening techniques. This study reports the identification and characterization of a Bacillus sp. SRB 27 that may be used as a bio-control agent against the plant diseases in crop plants. It was identified as Bacillus sp. SRB 27 based on 16S rDNA sequence analysis and biochemical tests. The isolate showed a wide range of antifungal activity in vitro against a number of phytopathogens such as F. oxysporum, Alternaria and Rhizoctonia in terms of percentage of growth inhibition which were 76.78, 78.57 and 77.55%, respectively. Strain SRB 27 was tolerant to high salt concentration up to 13%, was phosphate solubilizer, proteolytic and amylase positive and coagulase negative. It had compatibility with broad spectrum of fungicides with field recommended dose. Apart from the antagonistic activities, it showed a positive effect on the growth of the castor and cotton plants (both under seed and soil treatments) in comparison with control (non-inoculated). The growth parameters of the test plant surpassed the control in all the cases.

Keywords: Bacillus sp. SRB 27, biological control, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Alternaria, 16S rRNA gene sequence

African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol 13(25) 2547-2555

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