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A parallel reconfigurable platform for efficient sequence alignment

A Surendar
M Arun
PS Periasamy


Bioinformatics is one of the emerging trends in today’s world. The major part of bioinformatics is dealing with DNA. Analysis of DNA requires more memory and high efficient computations to produce accurate outputs. Researchers use various bioinformatics algorithms for sequencing and pattern detection techniques, but still now it takes enormous amount of time for computations. In our method we are going to propose a time, memory and speed optimized algorithms for efficient repetitive finding in genomes and proteins. Then, another major aspect is the hardware implementation. It is a platform which reduces the complexity of process further. Therefore, we have proposed to implement the optimized algorithm in the reconfigurable and user friendly FPGA platform. Thus, our proposal mainly focuses on an efficient and optimized computation, analysis and sequencing of DNA pattern. The distinct feature is reducing the time consumption from several hours to few seconds.

Keywords: DNA, sequencing, bioinformatics, efficient computations, repetitive finding, optimized sequencing.

African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol 13(31) 3344-3351