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Pathogenicity and proteome production of Isaria fumosorosea (=Paecilomyces Fumosoroseus) (WISE) isolates against lemon butterfly, Papilio demoleus (Papilionidae: lepidoptera)

V Moorthi, PC Balasubramanian, PB Avery, S Selvarani, T Kubendran, T Rathinakumar, AN Banu


The pathogenic potential and catalytic triad conserved amino acids of the isolates Isaria fumosorosea (=Paecilomyces fumosoroseus) (Ifr1 and Ifr2) in response to Papilio demoleus was analysed. The isolates showed its potential in killing P. demoleus causing mortality of 72.23 and 61.90% at the end of 8 days with 108 spores ml-1 concentrations. The enzyme assays (higher proteolytic and chitinolytic activity) also showed that the Ifr2 was more efficient than Ifr1. The predictions of catalytic triads (serine, histidine and asparagine) were also visualized in the peak level obtained in infra-red (IR) and H1 nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra. With this information it was suggested that, partial characterization of catalytic domain was predicted in the fungal isolates Ifr.

Keywords:  Entomopathogenic fungi, Isaria fumosorosea, Papilio demoleus, biological control.

African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol 13(43) 4176-4182
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