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Obtaining phenolic acids from cell cultures of various <i>Artemisia</I> species

H Riedel
Z Cai
O Kütük
I Smetanska


Plant cell cultures represent a high valuable source for the production of bioactive secondary metabolites which can be used in food industry, medicine and cosmetic industry. In our study, we focused on obtaining phenolic acids from plant cell cultures. We compared cell cultures obtained from nine plant species of two families with a high potential for the production of phenolic substances. The most productive cell cultures for phenolic acids were Artemisia frigida and Silybum marianum. Isochlorogenic acid and chlorogenic acid were the most abundant phenolic acids identified in the analyzed cell cultures. Cell culture of Nicotiana tabacum contained only one hydroxycinnamic acid derivative in low amounts. Altogether S. marianum cell culture was verified as the most suitable for production of phenolic acids.

Keywords: Plant cell cultures, secondary metabolite, phenolic acids, chlorogenic acid