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Anti-toxoplasma gondii activity of constituents from Balsamocitrus camerunensis L (Rutaceae)

EN Happi, EJT Mbosso, EL Nguemfo, HR Zambou, AGB Azebaze


Isolation, characterization and anti-Toxoplasma gondii activity of constituents from the CH2Cl2/MeOH (1/1) extract of the roots of the cameroonian plant Balsamocitrus camerunensis L. were investigated in this study. Four known coumarins derivatives were isolated, namely, marmin (1), imperatorin (2), xanthoxyletin (3), 6,7-Dimethoxycoumarin (4) and an acridone derivative namely 1-hydroxy-3-methoxy-acridone (5). Their structures were established on the basis of their spectroscopic data compared to reported results. Some of the isolated compounds showed noteworthy activity against Toxoplasma gondii intracellular parasite in mammals with an inhibition of parasite growth of around 46.44% for compound 4 and 82.12% for compound 3 which was the most active compound.

Keywords: Balsamocitrus camerunensis, Rutaceae, coumarins, alkaloid, toxoplasmacidial activity.

African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol 13(52) 4680-4684
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