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Antiviral activity of the extracts of Rhodophyceae from Morocco

Bouhlal Rhimou, Riadi Hassane, Bourgougnon Nathalie


Fifty-five aqueous, methanolic, chloroforme-methanolic and dichloromethanolic extracts derived from sixteen species of marine Rhodophyta from the coast of Morocco have been screened for the presence of inhibitory compounds against Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) by cell viability method. The aqueous extracts of Asparagopsis armata, Ceramium rubrum, Gelidium pulchellum, Gelidium spinulosum, Halopitys incurvus, Hypnea musciformis, Plocamium cartilagineum, Boergeseniella thuyoides, Pterosiphonia complanata and Sphaerococcus coronopifolius were capable of inhibiting the replication of HSV-1 in vitro at an EC50 (Effective Concentration 50%) ranging from <2.5 to 75.9 μg mL-1. No cytotoxic effect of the aqueous extracts on the Vero cells was observed in the range of the concentrations assayed for all extracts. The results corroborate that marine algae from Morocco can be a rich source of potential antiviral compounds.

Keywords: Antiviral, Aqueous extracts, Organic extracts, Rhodophyceae, Herpes simplex virus
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