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Response of S.C.704 maize hybrid seed production to planting pattern

M Sharafizadeh
MR EnayatGholizadeh
N Aryannia
M Razaz


In order to determine the best planting pattern for producing the S.C.704 hybrid seed of maize, a field experiment was conducted in 2007 at Safiabad Dezful Research Center via a complete block design with four treatments and replicates each. The treatments were: D1 (one row each of paternal and maternal lines), D2 (two rows of paternal line and one row of maternal line), D3 (two rows each of paternal and maternal lines) and D4 (one row of paternal line and two rows of maternal line). The result indicates that planting pattern has a significant effect on most of the characteristics of corn studied. Ear weight, seed weight on ear (maximum 97 g), ear weight ratio, seed weight, cob weight ratio (maximum 66%) and grain yield increased with differences from one row planting pattern to two row planting pattern. So, varying the planting pattern from one-row pattern to two-row pattern increased some of the characteristics, though there were no significant differences between one and two-row planting patterns. The fourth treatment (one row of paternal line and two rows of maternal line planting pattern) was the best on grain yield (2,753 kg/ha).

Keywords: Planting pattern, seed produce, corn grain, S.C.704 hybrid

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eISSN: 1684-5315