Variation in quantitative characters of faba bean after seed irradiation and associated molecular changes

  • Sonia Mejri
  • Yassine Mabrouk
  • Marie Voisin
  • Philippe Delavault
  • Philippe Simier
  • Mouldi Saidi
  • Omrane Belhadj
Keywords: Faba bean, gamma rays, genetic diversity, ISSR


The successful use of faba bean breeding for broomrape resistance requires the existence of genetic variation. Unfortunately, the desired variation is often lacking. However, radiation can be used to induce mutations and thereby generate genetic variation from which desired mutants may be selected. This investigation was carried out to study the effects of gamma radiation on various quantitative characters in faba bean. Micro-mutations were scored for percentage of germinated seeds, pod length and photosynthetic pigment contents. The variation in DNA profile in responses to gamma irradiation treatments was detected by ISSR-PCR technique. 15 ISSR primers were used on 22 samples of faba bean issued from irradiated samples; four primers produced clear bands, which were polymorphic and the (AG)8YC was the best one. Nei’s standard genetic distances test showed that the ISSR markers classification was statistically different. Conclusively, this study supported the suggestion that gamma irradiation induce a genetic diversity in faba bean germplasm. The studied samples are promising for the production of synthetic varieties resistant/tolerant to plant parasites.

Keywords: Faba bean, gamma rays, genetic diversity, ISSR


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eISSN: 1684-5315