Biogenic volatile compounds of activated sludge and their application for metal bioremediation

  • Ashraf M Essa
  • Eman S Abd-Alsalam
  • Refat M Ali
Keywords: Application, activated sludge, biogas, metals, bio-precipitation.


Heavy metals pollution is nowadays one of the most important environmental concerns. This paper illustrates the employment of the biogenic volatile compounds generated during the aerobic growth of activated sludge on raw domestic wastewater for heavy metals removal. Most of the tested metals even as individual or mixed metal species (Co, Cu, Cd, Fe, Hg, Ni, Mn, Pb and Zn) were potentially transformed into insoluble precipitates and then separated out of their solutions. The Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) analysis has identified some organosulfur groups (thiol, disulfide and thiocarbonyl), in addition to amine group in the metal precipitates. This study highlighted the application of the microbial volatile metabolites for heavy metals bioremediation in a powerful, cost effective and eco-friendly bioprocess.

Key words: Application, activated sludge, biogas, metals, bio-precipitation


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eISSN: 1684-5315