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Isolation and selection of <i>Bradyrhizobium</i> from the root nodules of indigo plants (<i>Indigofera tinctoria</i> L.)

AKM Mosharof Hossain
Musharraf Hossain Mian
MA Hakim
MM Islam
Jannatul Ferdous


This research was conducted from 2004 to 2005 to isolate and select Bradyrhizobium from the root nodules of indigo plants (Indigofera tinctoria L.). For isolation of Bradyrhizobium, root nodules were collected from indigo plants. Fourteen Bradyrhizobium isolates were identified depending on colony, morphological and biochemical characteristics. Out of fourteen isolates, six (HSTU-IR2, HSTU-IR3, HSTU-IR4, HSTU-IR9, HSTU-IR10 and HSTU-IR14) were found promising with respect to nodulation, shoots and roots weights and N fixation by the indigo plants grown inside the Leonard Bottle Jar Assembly (LBJA).

Key words: Bradyrhizobium, isolation, selection, root nodules, indigo plants.