Effects of electron beam radiation on trait mutation in azuki bean (Vigna angularisi)

  • Wan-Xia Luo
  • Yi-Song Li
  • Bao-Mei Wu
  • Yu-Er Tian
  • Bo Zhao
  • Li Zhang
  • Kai Yang
  • Ping Wan
Keywords: Azuki bean (Vigna angularisi), electron beam radiation, trait mutation


Dry seeds of azuki bean (Vigna angularisi), Jingnong 6 and Hebei 801 varieties were irradiated by electron beam of 100, 300, 600, 700 and 900 Gy, respectively. Mutations of leaf shape and color, seed size and shape, trailing, more branching, dwarfing, early or late flowering time and high yield were created in M2 and M3 generations. There were richest variations in Jinnong 6 treated with 600 Gy. Heibei 801 was more sensitive to electron beam radiation than Jingnong 6; more mutation types were produced at 100, 300 and 600 Gy. The pod number per plant, seed number and yield per plant of Jinnong 6 displayed a strikingly negative correlation to radiation dose, while the pod length, pod width, and 100-seeds weight of progenies from Hebei 801 had a significantly negative correlation with the radiation dose, but pod number per plants showed significantly positive correlation. Few of the normal phenotype plant in M2 generation derived mutants of new leaf yellowing, narrow leaf, clustering flower and leaf, kidney or sword leaf in M3 generation. Mutants of kidney and sword leaf, early flowering time from M2 generation could be stably inherited in M3 generation.

Keywords: Azuki bean (Vigna angularisi), electron beam radiation, trait mutation


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eISSN: 1684-5315