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The effect of Acacia karroo supplementation and thermal preparation on meat sensory characteristics of the indigenous Xhosa lop-eared goat genotype

S Ngambu, V Muchenje, U Marume


The objective of the current study was to determine the effect of Acacia karroo supplementation and thermal preparation on consumer sensory scores of meat from indigenous Xhosa lop-eared goat breed. 18 castrated four-month-old Xhosa lop-eared kids were kept at the University of Fort Hare Farm until slaughter. Sample cuttings for meat tasting were made from the Longistimus dorsi muscle. A. karroo supplementation improved meat tenderness and juiciness. There were no (P > 0.05) significant effects of A. karroo supplementation on meat flavour of the supplemented goats. Thermal preparation and consumer background had a significant (P < 0.05) effect on meat sensory characteristics. Results from this study show that A. Karroo supplementation and thermal preparation have an effect on meat quality attributes such as tenderness and juiciness.

Key words: Boiling, roasting, consumer sensory scores, thermal preparation, consumer background.
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