Regulation effects of exogenous gibberellin acid (GA3) on the formation of tomato (Solanum Lycoperscium) ovary locule and fasciated transcription

  • S Liu
  • TL Li
Keywords: Tomato, fasciated, GA3, locule number


To fully understand the regulation effects of gibberellin on tomato (Solanum Lycoperscium) ovary locule formation and the fasciated transcription, two varieties: multi-locule ‘MLK1’ and few- locule ‘FL1’ which were highly different in locule number and fasciated transcriptional levels, were used in this study. By spraying GA3 and PAC (paclobutrazol; an inhibitor of gibberellin biosynthesis) with different concentrations, we found that GA3 increased the locule number, especially, in ‘MLK1’. At the same time, we chose the suitable treatment concentrations of GA3 and PAC (GA3, 80 mg·L-1, PAC, 80 mg·L-1) which were applied on the ‘MLK1’ and ‘FL1’ to analyze the fasciated transcriptional levels and we found that GA3 repressed the fasciated transcriptional level while PAC increased it. The results implied that the GA3 regulated the ovary locule formation through controlling the fasciated transcription levels.

Keywords: Tomato, fasciated, GA3, locule number


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eISSN: 1684-5315